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Learn about the different types of sunglasses

First of all, let's learn more about the concept of sunglasses

Sunglasses: They are glasses whose lenses are dark in color. Their lenses are not transparent like eyeglasses, as they differ in many characteristics and features. Some of them wear it for adornment, and some of them wear it for protection, as it is a protective device for the eyes from ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun’s rays.

Some advantages of sun lenses:

1- Clarity of vision:

Solar lenses enable us to see clearly during the day by protecting against glare. Polarized lenses also reduce the reflection of glare, for example: water (it enables us to see inside water when the surface of the glare is visible)

2- Provides protection to the wearer:

As we know that the rays from the sun cause damage to the eyes in the short and long term and can cause some diseases such as: snow blindness and cataracts. The choice of sunglasses should be providing protection with a high rate of up to 99% from UV and these types are called (UV400).

Learn about the colors of the sunglasses

1- gray sunglasses

This color helps reduce the intensity of lighting, especially when under the scorching rays of the sun.

2- brown sunglasses

These lenses help reduce the intensity of the lighting, and they also block the bright blue light from advertisements on the streets, so they can be worn while driving.

3- yellow sunglasses

These glasses work to clarify the vision, benefit greatly from the contrast and completely block the blue rays.

4- red sunglasses

These glasses are used to watch 3D movies, and there are some electronic games that need these glasses lenses.

5- orange sunglasses

They soften the effect of the sun's rays, and are also used in racing or as a clear view on cloudy days.

6- Violet sunglasses

It is used to determine the visibility of muddy accumulations on the green cultivated areas, so farmers and fishermen use it.

7- Copper sunglasses

These glasses block the sun's rays, so they are preferred by people who suffer from eye inflammation, and are also used frequently to reflect the rays falling on the eye.

8- blue sunglasses

These glasses help to watch 3D, 4D and 7D movies, and are also used for color contrast and clarity.

9- green sunglasses

It is used to dramatically contrast colors and clarify vision, and it is one of the most common glasses after gray glasses

Learn about the types of sunglasses:

1- Polarized lenses

It is the quality that is used in sports such as horse riding, as it helps reduce the intensity of sunlight emitted.

2- Mirror lenses

This lens is considered one of the most prevalent lenses in the fashion world, and gives an elegant shape to the wearer, as it completely reflects the sun's rays and harmful rays to the eye, which is why many wear it while driving or during road trips.

3- Prescription sunglasses

A lens specially made for people who suffer from long or short-sightedness or who suffer from low vision, and this lens performs two tasks: protecting the eye from strong sunlight, and treating the eye from the problem of low vision.

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