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How to choose the right frame for the makeup of the face

How to choose the appropriate frame for the composition of the face? Does skin color affect the frame selection process?

In Five Seasons, we will summarize for you how to choose the right eyeglass shape for the face composition and choose the appropriate frame color with skin tone.

In the beginning, as we know, glasses have become a necessity for everyone who suffers from eye problems, and there are some glasses that are used for aesthetic purposes, such as increasing the elegance and external attractiveness of the wearer and giving him a special and distinctive character such as sunglasses, and colored glasses with elegant frames of multiple designs and shapes, and in general the glasses consist of From an external frame that holds two pieces of glass or plastic, known as lenses. We have summarized the medical lenses in our article ( Learn more about medical lenses ) and since there are many eyeglass wearers who may make mistakes in not choosing the appropriate frame, and this is how the Five Seasons Optician team summarized how to choose the appropriate frame .

Steps to choose the right eyeglasses for the face composition:

1- First, we must determine the purpose of wearing glasses:

Although the final shape and design of the glasses is vital and takes great care in recent years, which the wearer cares greatly about, it must coincide and be consistent with the goal of using them in the event that the glasses are medical and for the purposes of vision correction, which is determined by the optometrist or ophthalmologist to the degree The first, where the shapes and types of lenses vary depending on their therapeutic purpose, which is something that must be taken into account, and not neglected when choosing the appropriate design for the face to obtain healthy and elegant glasses at the same time that do not harm the health of the eyes.

2- Knowing the nature and composition of the face of the wearer of glasses:

This point is what distinguishes Five Seasons for glasses, as all employees have been trained on this point and can be summarized as follows:

A- Square face:

These faces are distinguished by the forehead, wide chin and clear angles, as they also have a prominent jaw, and thus these faces are suitable for oval and round glasses, as well as the glasses known as the cat's eye. It is also advised to avoid square-shaped glasses because it resembles the structure of the face, and thus its parts and angles stand out greatly, and the glasses become inappropriate.

b- Round face:

These faces are distinguished by a wide forehead and a rounded chin, and this face is characterized by a curved line that is harmonious in the sides instead of sharp angles. Thus, we recommend wearing glasses that reduce the area of the cheeks, which in turn lengthens the face a little and highlights its features and roundness in an attractive way, including glasses with square frames or that contain corners. Or rectangular glasses that make the face appear narrower. It is not recommended to wear round or oval glasses.

C- The heart-shaped face:

Owners of this face are characterized by a wide forehead, while the chin is shaped like an angle, and the jaw is very accurate, and therefore we recommend wearing frameless glasses known as frameless because they show the face in a smooth, harmonious and elegant way.

D- Oval face:

Owners of this face often do not struggle to choose glasses because they are characterized by balanced and harmonious proportions, so the chin and forehead are somewhat narrow. These faces can be distinguished by comparing the length to the width, so the length of the face appears almost twice the width. The owners of these faces are suitable for many glasses such as: round glasses, or with angles or bold patterns, but you must make sure to take the appropriate size so that it is of medium size and we do not recommend wearing narrow or wide frames .

3- Choose the appropriate frame color for your skin tone:

As we all know that all colors affect each other and there are very many factors through which we can determine the color of the frame that increases the attractiveness, elegance and consistency of the glasses with the wearer's face, but some important things must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate frame color for the person, including the following:

A - It must be ensured that the color of the frame is coordinated with the color of the skin, as the owners of cold skin that are accompanied by a somewhat pale and prominent blue veins, we recommend taking frames of cold colors such as silver, emerald, ruby and other cold colors.

As for people with warm skin whose veins are green and the skin color is brown, warm colors such as golden, orange, beige and others are suitable for them.

Finally, the Five Seasons Opticals team can help you choose the right glasses for your facial makeup, as we have specialists in choosing frames

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