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Frequently asked questions in ophthalmology

How can strabismus (around the eye) be treated? How is dry eye diagnosed? What are the most important ways to prevent dry eyes? Find out the answers to...

Q/how to treat squint (around the eye)?

In a number of people, medical glasses are fully controlled by the adapter, but for others, abatement surgery is essential. By and large it is better to fully treat the strabismus (lazy eye) before the operation to turn.

O/ How is dry eye diagnosis?

The doctor can diagnosis dry eyes with a normal examination.

Q/what is optical lazy?

Optical lazy is the incapacity of one eye to make a visual 6 even with glasses and without any clear patients.

Q/what are the most essential ways to prevent dry eyes?

  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Prevent sitting in a high temperature room
  • Keep away from heavy air tires

Q/my eyes always look tiring, can i correct this position?

There can be different reasons for this, but the most common are the skin overgrown from the upper eyelid or form bags under the lower eyelid.

Q/when to do an eye examination for my child?

If your child does not look well at or shows that he has eye abatement, you need not delay and do an examination.

Q/what work to protect the eyes?

Wear a hat that has edges when exposed to sunlight or wear dark glasses that mirror rays.

Q/what are the most basic causes of dry eye?

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Chronic eyelid diseases
  • Vitamin a lack

Q/what are the signs of eye contact?

  • Confusing and non-net vision
  • Double view things
  • Light vision for colors
  • See halos around lights
  • Allergy to bright lights

Q/i see black spots in the white wall is it dangerous for the eye?

If a simple intake is not dangerous.

Q/is eye sensitivity repetitive in children?

Children have a very strong immune system, so it is natural to show more allergy or anti-childhood diseases. For this purpose, children most often have more sensitive inflammation problems than adults.

Q/how to care for sunglasses and medical?

Be able to put it in its pod and not be left in high temperature areas, wash the tires with water and clean with cloth.

Q/do polarized lenses provide 100% uv protection?

Not always, polarization and uv protection are different.

Q/what are the benefits of reflective lenses?

This quality of lenses makes a layer that will reduce the number of light that is up to the eye.

Q/what are the transformer lenses?

Lenses are automatic transformed with surrounding lighting, and protect you from blue rays in indoor and outdoor.


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