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How do I choose the right colored contact lenses?

Learn how to select the right lenses for you and the most popular tips in skin color, eyes and hair, and what lenses best suit

If you are looking for a new way to change the look of your eyes, colored contact lenses, can be the perfect solution. And be sure to opt for a color that makes your eyes look as natural and beautiful as you can, and the lenses only add a little change in appearance to highlight the beauty and shine of the eyes

Types of contact lenses

Transparent lenses: Good for people that want to get rid of glasses and are lightweight and comfortable for the eye where oxygen penetration is high and is available daily or monthly from Devin brand And it keeps the natural eye color
Colored lenses: Cosmetic lenses that provide the eye with a beautiful view and are available in several colors, both daily and monthly, as well as
Multiple sizes are available for people with little sight and at the same time look for your eye

ما هي أنسب عدسات لاصقة مناسبة للون البشرة

What are the best contact lenses for skin color

Contact lens needs are different based on skin color and eye type, so you need to select Colored contact lenses Adhesive that fits the skin and eyes well

Contact lenses for white skin: Gray, violet or blue lenses can provide you with a great shade of color for your skin. Can select Contact lenses A Medical Or natural colored

Contact lenses for palatine skin: Colored contact lenses can be used in medium colors like brown, gray and dark blue, which enhance the beauty of the eye natural and attractive.

Contact lenses for dark skin: Colored contact lenses with warm colors like brown, green and dark blue can strengthen eye color and make it look beautiful. Bright contact lenses that have very high colors need to be avoided.
You can opt for your best brand of colored contact lenses, and available from five seasons like fresh lock lenses, Lens mi lenses For modern view

Select the right contact lens color for your eye

Color lenses for dark brown eyes: Gray lenses are a perfect option, but modern as you can easy to know that you are wearing lenses as it is a color different from the original color of your eyes.

Color lenses for black eyes: The best colors for lenses are gun, blue and green

Color lenses for small eyes: Corrugated colored lenses have a three-color fusion as it grows up
Eyes and makes it attractive and special

Select the right contact lens color for your hair

If you are looking for colored contact lenses that suit your hair color, you can select from a wide range of available options
Black hair: Gray or dark black contact lenses can be used to enhance eye beauty and make it stand out even more
Brown hair: Contact lenses can be used dark brown, dark black or dark gray, which will provide the eye with a natural and attractive appearance.
Blond hair: Blue, gray or green contact lenses can be used to add a new touch to the eye
Red hair: Green, gray or blue contact lenses can be used to enhance eye beauty
Look at the wonderful colors of colored contact lenses international brands like diva, amara and others that are inspired by
Natural colors with sizes and without five years

You can read more about Best type of contact lenses And how to care for the use, the fake

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