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Learn about the types of sunglasses

Learn about the characteristics and advantages of sunglasses lenses and how to choose the best type for your needs, according to climatic conditions

At first, let's get to know more about the theory of sunglasses

Sunglasses: the color glasses of its dark lenses are not transparent as the case of medical glasses as it is different in a lot of characteristics and specifications. It is one of the wearing of decoration and one of the wearing of protection as it is a protective eye mask from the ultraviolet rays from the sun and is designed specifically for so many things as what the general public wears to protect from the sun, as well as what to wear from work in blacksmithing and so on.

Some of the benefits of solar lenses

Vision clarity:

Solar lenses make it clear that in the daytime, by protecting from bright glow, polarized lenses reduce bright glow reflectors and, for example, water.

2. Provide protection for the wearer:

As we know that the rays from the sun do short-and long-range injury to the eyes and can trigger diseases like: snow blindness and white water. The choice of solar lenses will have to be protected at a high rate of up to 99% of UV and are termed UV400.

Learn about the colors of solar lenses

Gray sunglasses:

This color will help to reduce the intensity of lighting, especially when in the hot sun, and it shows colors as well as reverse rays.

Brown sunglasses:

The lenses help reduce light intensity and block bright blue light from street advertising, so it can be worn when driving.

3. Yellow sunglasses:

This glasses makes clear the vision, makes great use of the different and fully blocks the rays and blue color.

4. Red sunglasses:

The glasses are used to watch 3d movies, and there are a couple of electronic games that need the lenses of this glasses.

Orange sunglasses:

It dilutes the sun's rays, as used in racing or to show vision with clouds-sintering day.

6. Uv sunglasses:

Used to select the vision of mud clusters on green areas grown so used by farmer and fishers.

7. Copper sunglasses:

This glasses blocks the sun's rays, so it is best for people with eye inflammation, and is used very much to reverse the falling rays on the eye.

Blue sunglasses:

The glasses help to watch 3d, quadruple and quadruple movies, and are used to color changing and sharpening.

9. Green sunglasses:

Used in large color combinations and vision clarity and is one of the most popular glasses after gray glasses.

Learn about the types of solar lenses

1. Polarized lenses:

It is the quality that is used in sports like horse riding, helping to reduce the sun's lighting.

2. Reflective lenses:

This lens is one of the most popular lenses in the fashion world, offers an elegant shape to the wearer, and fully reverse the sun's rays and rays, so many wear it when driving or on wild trips.

3. Medical solar lenses:

A lens made specifically for people with length, myopia or people with impaired vision, and this lens does two things: to protect the eye from strong sunlight, and to carry out eye treatment from the problem of myopia.

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