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What the most suitable frame for the face composition

How do you select the right glasses for your five-seeson face that briefs you how to select the right glasses shape for face makeup and select the right...

In five-seeson we will charge you the way to select the right glasses shape for the face makeup and select the right frame color with the skin color.

At first, as we know, glasses are essential for all people with eye problems, and there are a number of glasses used for beauty purposes, as an increase in the external elegance and gravity of the wearer, a special and special character as sunglasses, color glasses with elegant frames of multiple designs and shapes, and in general glasses made up of glasses External frame with two pieces of glass or plastic, known for lenses we have specialized medical lenses in our article (know more about medical lenses) and as there are a lot of eyewear that may fall into the fault of not picking the right frame for the five-year glasses team how to select the right frame .

Steps to select the right glasses for face makeup:

1. At first we have to set the goal of wearing glasses:

Even if the shape and design of the glasses are vital and very caring in the latest years for the wearer to pay great attention, it will have to be compatible with the goal of their use in the case when the glasses are medical and the goals of correction, a thing that sets it Optometrist or ophthalmology in the first degree, the forms and types of lenses are different for their treatment purpose, which is to keep in mind, and not to waste it when opting for the right design of the face to get healthy and stylish glasses at the same time and do not harm the health of the eyes .

2-know the nature and structure of the glasses wearing:

The point is what makes the five-seeson glasses so that all the staff were training on this point and can be customized as:

Box face:

Distinctive for the front, wide chin and clear corners, as well as outstanding decoding. This fits the oval and round glasses and the glasses known to the cat's eye. Glasses with square shapes are well-rounded, as it is similar to the face combination and so that its parts and corners stand out very much and the glasses do not fit.

B. Round face:

The face marks a wide front, round chin, and the face is excellent for the curved line in the sides, in lieu of sharp corners. We are, by extension, able to wear glasses that lighten the area of the cheeks and that, in turn, slightly prolong the face and excite its navigation and rotation, from which glasses with square frame or with corners, or rectangular glasses that make the face look lighter. Round or oval glasses are not recommended.

C-heart-shaped face:

The owners of this face have a wide front, and the chin is angle-shaped, and the jaw is very accurate and so we recommend wearing Frameless tire-free glasses as it shows the face soft, uniform and elegant.

D-face oval:

The owners of this face most often do not have to opt for glasses, as it is available in balancing and uniform ratio, and the chin and front are fairly tight. The length of the face can be varied from the width. The length of the face shows about double the width. The owners of this face suit several glasses like: round glasses, with corners or bold patterns, but be sure to have the right size so that it is medium in size and we do not teach you to wear tight or wide tires.

3. Select the right frame color for skin color:

As we all know that all colors have an impact on one another and there are very many things by which we can select the color of the frame that increases the gravity and elegance of the glasses and harmonies with the face of the wearer, but a number of things have to be kept in mind when opting the color of the frame Fitting for the person, where the color of the frame needs to be ascerated in parallel to the skin color, as the owners of cold skin that is in kind and with outstanding blue veins, we recommend that cold-colored frames be used as silver, emerald, sapphire and other cold colors.

The warm skin owners, the roses of which are oblique for green color and the skin color is liquid for the moon. Warm colors like golden, orange, beige and more.

The five-seeson glasses team can help you to select the right glasses for the face makeup as we have tire selectors.

Contact us or you can see our exhibition at any time. We serve you with our eyes.


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